Spoil Dad on Father’s Day with Irresistible Bacon Recipes

Looking for the perfect way to show your appreciation to Dad this Father’s Day? Look no further! Indulge his taste buds with a selection of irresistible bacon recipes that are sure to make his day even more special.

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Bacon Onion Jam

Treat Dad to the irresistible flavours of our Bacon Onion Jam recipe. This delicious condiment brings together crispy bacon and caramelised onions for a savoury and rich spread. Whether on a gourmet burger, a charcuterie board or as a unique addition to your favourite dishes, our Bacon Onion Jam elevates any meal.

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French Onion Bacon Dip

This dip blends rich French onion and crispy bacon flavors, ideal for sharing. Whether for Father’s Day or any occasion, it’s a surefire favorite. Creamy and irresistible, it complements chips, bread, or veggies perfectly.

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Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Celebrate Father’s Day with a special brunch featuring our Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza recipe which brings together crispy bacon, your favourite vegetables and perfectly cooked eggs. Easy to prepare and bursting with flavor, it’s a wonderful way to show Dad your love and appreciation on his special day.

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Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins

These delicious treats perfectly complement Dad’s favourite dishes, providing a burst of flavour and crunch to the meal. Our recipe blends the richness of the cheese and the irresistible savoury bacon taste, all encased in crispy potato skins. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or enjoying Dad’s choice dish, these potato skins are a fantastic side that’s guaranteed to impress.

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Bacon Mac and Cheese Muffins

These muffins are not only a wonderful addition to Dad’s favourite meal but also make for a fantastic snack option. Combining the creamy goodness of mac and cheese with the irresistible crunch of crispy bacon, these muffins are baked to perfection with a crispy bacon crust!

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Aussie Style Rissoles with Bacon

This Father’s Day, relish in nostalgia with our Aussie-style bacon-enhanced rissoles. Crafted as a culinary homage, these juicy patties infused with our wood-smoked Bacon’s smokiness deliver comfort and flavour in every bite.

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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with our Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken. Delight in succulent chicken breasts filled with creamy cheese and herbs, wrapped in savoury bacon for a mouthwatering treat. A perfect way to show Dad your appreciation with a flavorful surprise.

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