Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission Statement

With a proud history and heritage, D’Orsogna is committed to excellence in all we do, from the food we produce to our relationships with employees,
customers, partners, consumers and shareholders.

We achieve this through the highest levels of Safety, Quality, Innovation, Respect and Integrity.

Corporate Culture and Procurement Policies

An integral part of the D’Orsogna business culture is the respect of our team members’ human rights and every worker employed within our supply chain.
We have integrated human rights into the way we go about our business and make decisions with this purpose at the forefront of our minds. Our Modern
Slavery Statement outlines the steps we have taken to identify, manage and mitigate the risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

You can download our commitments from the link below:

Sustainable Packaging

D’Orsogna is an active member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). With their assistance, we are developing a packaging sustainability strategy in tandem with our quality assurance system. The objective is to deliver the best possible packaging efficiency and recyclability and meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Energy Efficiency

D’Orsogna is committed to reducing our use of water and electricity and cutting our emissions. We are working closely with state and local government authorities to this end. In 2019 we opened a $66 million state-of-the-art facility in the Merrifield Business Park, Mickleham, Victoria. The 11,000m2 facility features 8,500m2 of rooftop solar producing 1megawatt of electricity to help reduce our carbon footprint.

The latest energy and water conservation technology and waste recycling contribute to D’Orsogna’s aim of becoming a leader in sustainable food manufacture.

Corporate social responsibility