Tasty School Lunchbox Ideas

It’s that time of year again when the kids are headed back to school and we’ve put together tasty lunch box ideas that will keep their taste buds happy and their bodies fueled for the school day!

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Ham Pizza Squares

These mini ham pizza squares are the perfect lunchtime treat! Made with simple pizza dough and topped with D’Orsogna Diced Ham, capsicum and cheese, they’re bite-sized and delicious. They’re a great alternative to sandwiches and are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

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Chicken Quesadillas

These chicken quesadillas are a tasty and convenient addition to any lunchbox. Customize with your favourite toppings, such as salsa and sour cream, these quesadillas are sure to become a lunchtime favorite with the kids!

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Ham and Cheese Muffins

Ham and cheese muffins are a savoury and satisfying addition to any school lunchbox. These fluffy and flavorful muffins are loaded with D’Orsogna Champagne Ham and melted cheese, making them an easy lunchbox staple to make ahead of time to store to keep your little ones fueled throughout the school day.

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Easy Turkey Roll Ups

These easy turkey roll ups are the perfect school lunchbox addition! Simply layer turkey, cheese and veggies onto a tortilla, roll up and slice for a delicious and nutritious on-the-go meal.

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Bacon, Zucchini and Sweet Potato Slice

This Bacon, Zucchini & Sweet Potato Slice is a tasty and satisfying lunchbox meal. Packed with veggies and protein, it’s easy to make and perfect for meal prep.

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Salami and Mushroom Pizza Scrolls

These Salami and Mushroom Pizza Scrolls are a delicious lunchbox addition. Simply roll out pizza dough, top with salami, mushrooms and cheese, roll up and bake for a savoury snack on-the-go..

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