To celebrate Australian product and producers, thirty influential voices and members of the pork industry came together on 20 November 2019 in Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade for a launch event.

“When it comes to ham, if it’s on the bone, then it’s one of our own. However, if you’re buying a boneless ham, look for an almost full bar chart on the packaging to be sure your ham is made from 100% Australian pork.” Australian Pork Limited Marketing Communications Manager, Mitch Edwards said.

The event was also a chance to showcase excellence, with D’Orsogna’s Australian Jarrah Honey Ham taking out the 2019/20 Australian PorkMark Ham Awards’ nationally available category, with the 1.2kg mini ham portion available in Woolworths meat cabinet and bulk sliced ham available in Woolworths in the deli year-round.

The Australian PorkMark Ham Awards was introduced in 2009 to find the best hams made using 100% Australian pork. Judging of the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards took place earlier in 2019, the competition attracted more than 140 entries from across the country being assessed on appearance, aroma, form and of course, the all-important taste test.

“We know people are paying more attention to where their food comes from and how it’s raised. When you’re cooking for the people you love most, sustainable, local and ethical ingredients play a role, but taste and value for money reign king,” Mr Edwards said.