Corporate Information

The D’Orsogna family has been crafting quality hams, bacon and continental products for more than 70 years. Our artisans are continually committed to creating unique and innovative products fondly described as a fusion of Australian and Italian-style traditions.

While its landmark Palmyra premises, on the corner of Stock Road and Leach Highway, has been its ‘home’ since 1973, D’Orsogna started in 1949 as a one-man butcher shop in Stone Street, West Perth. For more than half a century D’Orsogna has steadily grown to become a market leader in WA’s food industry, while providing a level of customer service and satisfaction second to none.

D’Orsogna in 2013 is a long way from a one-man operation, since it commenced business as a small Butcher Shop in Stone Street, West Perth. D'Orsogna is now employing more than 500 people at its modern manufacturing facilities in Palmyra. Due to strong business growth, D’Orsogna has also recently opened manufacturing premises in Melbourne, Victoria and is recognised as a national supplier of its quality products within the Australian retail and food service markets. 

While the company retains the original D’Orsogna family values and business ethics, it operates as a corporate entity with the highest standards of governance and a strategic vision for the future.

The D'Orsogna name, when heard or seen, is automatically associated with fine food.

The family flavour continues to permeate the company today, with the presence on the the D’Orsogna Board of Directors of Marco (son of Giovanni) and Tina and Eugene (daughter and son of Tom).

The D’Orsogna executive management team is a well-versed, highly experienced and committed group of people, all focused on ensuring the business grows sustainably and profitably.

At the same time, D'Orsogna recognised the need to put something back into the WA community and takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously, regularly supporting community events, charities and worthy causes.

D'Orsogna, driven by the 'art of taste' since 1949.