Merrifield, Victoria

From humble beginnings in Western Australia, D’Orsogna has grown to become a market leader whilst continuing to supply products as flavoursome and aromatic as they were back in the day.

To satisfy increasing national demand and create innovative varieties of cured and cooked hams, bacon, continental goods and sausages, we required an east coast production facility.
The D’Orsogna family selected Merrifield Business Park in Mickleham, Victoria, due to its proximity to suppliers and major distribution arteries.

The $66 million cutting-edge 11,000m2 facility was completed in 2019 and featured 8,500m2
of rooftop solar producing 1megawatt of electricity to help reduce our carbon footprint.
This photovoltaic technology is combined with the latest energy and water conservation technology and a strong commitment to waste recycling.

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12 Polaris Rd, Mickleham, Victoria 3064

Tel: (03) 9540 0995