Artisan Antipasto 100g

Artisan Antipasto 100g

A wonderful selection of Prosciutto, Italian Dry Salami and Ventricina. Perfect served on a platter with cheese, olives and crackers. This 100g gourmet antipasto pack is available at selected local independent stores nationally.

Prosciutto: Meat (94%), Salt, Dextrose (Maize or Tapioca), Preservatives (251, 250), Antioxidant (316), Starter culture. Salami: Meat (95%), Salt (3%), Milk powder, Spices & spice extracts, Dextrose (Maize), Antioxidant (316), Hydrolysed vegetable protein, Preservatives (250, 251), Anti-caking agent (554), Starter culture.

Contains milk powder.

Made in Australia from at least 95% Australian ingredients.