100% Natural ham, baconand continentals

The D’Orsogna brand is synonymous with high quality, flavoursome meat products and embracing the worldwide trend to eliminating artificial ingredients. We have just expanded our range of *100% Natural ham (97% fat-free) and bacon to include two salami, Kransky and Chorizo sausages.

Using high-quality 97% pork, selected bacon, natural seasoning and vegetable essences we’ve developed succulent, subtly flavoured ham and tasty bacon that are 100% Natural. This means; no chemical Nitrites, no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. It has no synthetic ingredients which means a naturally lighter colour.

A quick taste will convince you we haven’t lost any of the usual flavour and texture associated with our hand-crafted hams, flavour some bacon and continentals. Our 100% Natural products are available at Woolworths’ stores nationally and selected local Independent stores in WA.

** NO added Nitrites other than those occurring naturally in vegetables.

Some popular recipes

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Some products in the Natural Range have different characteristics to their conventionally produced counterparts. The Shortcut and Streaky bacons don’t crisp as much and the sliced hams are slightly lighter in colour – Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

D’Orsogna’s Natural ham and bacon range use various natural flavours derived from a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts, including celery and cherries.

The vegetable extract used is a proprietary blend that includes a celery powder used to preserve the product naturally. We do not use garlic nor onion powder. The fruit ingredient is also a proprietary blend that includes cherry extract.

As we use a celery extract to create the product, we cannot claim it is 100% Nitrate and Nitrite-free. Vegetables naturally contain Nitrates (NO3-); these are then converted to Nitrites (NO2-) in the product. Nitrates don’t do much, but Nitrites are reactive and form other compounds that preserve the product colour and taste and deter microbial growth. The same process happens in the body when we eat vegetables.

All 100% Natural lines are currently stocked in Woolworths nationally. If it is not available in your store, we recommend giving another local Woolworths store a call. 100% Natural Bacon is also stocked in selected IGA stores in WA.

The 100% Natural range does NOT use any artificial flavourings or additives such as MSG or Maltodextrin.

Depending on local pork availability, D’Orsogna purchases meat from Australian Government approved countries limited to Western Europe, Canada, and the USA. Domestic suppliers are located in Western Australia as well as interstate. All of our suppliers must comply with strict Australian health and safety standards regulated by various government authorities and third-party auditors. For more details, please visit here.

Our packaging is currently not recyclable. Although most of our packaging materials are recyclable, the top film has a thin layer of impermeable laminate. This seal is necessary to prevent egress of the modified atmosphere inside our packaging and the ingress of the oxygen-rich environment outside, thus slowing microbial spoilage. This affords us the ability to provide a reasonable shelf life.

D’Orsogna is researching recyclable packaging; however, we have not found a solution that overcomes this permeability issue. It is an important issue, and we continue to search for answers as packaging technology advances.

Recently, D’Orsogna has focused on in-house waste minimisation to lessen our carbon footprint. We recycle cardboard and some plastics on site. We have also reduced the thickness of our packaging to use less plastic.


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